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Seeds of Change: Reviving the Brentwood Garden

21 May 2023
Since October, the re-establishment of a Brentwood garden has been underway just behind Mr. Rodrigues’ home on Partridge Road. The journey began with the Wellness Conference when a group of volunteers chose to spend an afternoon restoring a neglected and overgrown garden. These individuals were able to turn empty beds into rows of garlic plants and a variety of wildflowers, ready to bloom in the spring to come.

Now, in May, fruition has come to the time spent wedding, planting, and watering. Beautiful yellow daffodils and tulips have bloomed, bringing pollinators along with them. A month ago, bundles of these flowers were collected and sold by donation at an Easter market run by Fogmoor Farm. The money fundraised was part of a $900 collection gifted to the South Cowichan Healthcare Auxiliary.
As the end of the school year approaches, Grace S, Hope ‘25 and Pin T, Mack ‘25 have been brainstorming ideas for the summer and the upcoming fall. It is their ultimate goal to expand the garden and increase not only production, but also to involve more student volunteers. They have also worked with the Sustainable eEngineering (SEES 10) classes regarding the possibility of proposing a larger garden closer to the heart of campus.
Grace and Pin are extremely grateful for the opportunity to create something so beneficial for the school community. They wish to thank Mr Ganley, Leanne Stegall, Mr Rodrigues, BEAT, and the Environmental Advocacy team for their continued support and encouragement.

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