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Slowing Down

5 June 2014
Nicholas W
Approaching the milestone of graduation, and of having nearly four years of Brentwood experience under my belt, I have often found myself in disbelief over the elusive nature of time. One of the reasons that years at Brentwood pass so quickly is because we rarely get the chance to relax. There are not many moments where our minds are not occupied with the book in front of us, the ball in our hands, or an unfinished canvas. To live within such a busy schedule, I have found myself tracking the progress of time by the brief moments of relaxation, such as post-lunch walks from Crooks Hall to Privett House. As I think about the quickly diminishing number of these moments, these rarely acknowledged times encapsulate many of the beautiful things about Brentwood life. In a sense, it is the freedom from schedule, or the ‘slowing down’ that makes them so special. Time for socializing with friends, breathing in the ocean air, or appreciating the stunning scenery that surrounds us are precious moments that I will not soon forget. Let’s not forget the rest of the unforgettable moments of 2013-2014, which have made my last year at Brentwood the best yet. Highlights such as Fiddler on the Roof, And Then There Were None, Brentwood’s Model UN, girls’ rugby provincial bronze, the successes of the rowing program, and the return of Charity Work Day have brought joy and pride to the school this year. Listing all of these incredible achievements (which scarcely pay tribute to the long hours of training, preparation, organization and studying) reveals so much about the spirit of Brentwood, and, more importantly, the passion of the wonderful staff and students that make up our school. From a soon-to-be graduate’s perspective, all there is left to do is savour every moment that I have left with the people that have been my teachers, mentors, teammates, housemates, classmates, friends, and extensions of my family for the past four years. Until the bell sounds from our beloved campanile to mark the end of the 2013-2014 school year, I will be appreciating the little moments and looking forward to all that lies ahead. Nicholas W, Privett ‘14

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