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Success at ShawMUN

2 November 2022
Nick C, Rogers ‘23
On October 20th, 18 of our bravest students suited up to be dropped off at Shawnigan Lake School for ShawMUN - a Model UN Global Goals Conference. The event was an eye-opening experience to the wonderful world of politics, especially for many of our students who had never attended a Model UN conference before.

At ShawMUN, we were split into groups based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals, with each of us taking the position of a delegate, who would represent a specific country’s stance on the matter. Each group was moderated by a director, along with a co-director and a chair who assisted in the debating process. “In order to succeed, a delegate must present their stance on the matter, form allies (and maybe a few enemies) through extensive debate, and create a resolution paper outlining the steps that need to be taken in order to improve their given Sustainable Development Goal,” explained Jenny Y, the Director General for the conference.

To speak for an entire country in a controversial debate is no easy task, especially when you are not a politician (yet) and are, in fact, still a high school student. Arnie M, Rogers ‘27, a delegate for Russia, spoke of his experience: “I was really nervous the day before, but once I got there the directors and chairs really helped to make it as smooth as possible and take some of that pressure away.”

Speaking of directors and chairs, Brentwood brought a director of their own, Martin A, Rogers ‘23, whose extensive experience within Model UN conferences allowed him to help some of the delegates who were newer to the art. Taaz R, Ellis ‘24, also took on a helping role as chair for his conference.

Despite this being the first Model UN conference many of our delegates had ever attended, many Brentonians received awards at the conference. Congratulations to Ben R, Rogers ‘24, Arnie M, Rogers ‘27, Angel S, Alex ‘25, Tavin M, Ellis ‘25, and Emily L, Hope ‘24, for receiving awards such as best researched, outstanding delegate, and honorable mention.

A big thank you to Shawnigan Lake School for hosting such an incredible event. Another big thank you goes out to Ms Legassicke and Ms Curtis for both chaperoning the event and helping to calm the nerves of some very anxious delegates.

Nick C, Rogers ‘23

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