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Suiting Up For ShawMUN

10 October 2022
Nick C, Rogers ‘23
You can feel the anticipation as you step into Brentwood’s Model United Nations/Public Speaking class as we approach our first event of the year - ShawMUN. For readers not familiar with Model UN events, Martin A, Rogers ‘23 and MUN Captain explains: “ShawMUN is a simulated version of the United Nations where students become delegates of a country and work with other delegates to solve pressing issues. It’s a great place to develop your learning and understanding of the world.”
In order to prepare for the event, students are busy fine-tuning key aspects of public speaking such as tone, body language, volume, and audience engagement. They are also partaking in small projects that involve researching and presenting a global issue of their choice in preparation for their roles in ShawMUN.

One of the difficult parts of ShawMUN is that information must sometimes be presented shortly after receiving it. Brentwood’s class prepares for this through an impromptu “crisis committee”. In this exercise, a fake story is presented - for example, a brain-eating virus arriving in Brentwood that creates a zombie apocalypse. Students must then act quickly to fix the problem by agreeing on solutions and efficiently implementing them within the hypothetical world before the crisis takes a turn for the worse.

Speaking of virus-borne apocalypses, as the pandemic restrictions lift, ShawMUN has the pleasure of returning in full form this year. Ms Legassic, the head Model UN teacher, shares her enthusiasm: “I’m really excited about ShawMUN being in-person this year. The event wasn’t the same when it went virtual during covid-19 and to give students the full ShawMUN experience again will bring the event back to its original glory.”

Good luck to all students and staff heading to Shawnigan Lake School to attend the event on October 20th! Hopefully there won’t be a zombie apocalypse, but if there is, rest assured that our crisis committee will take care of it.

Nick C, Rogers ‘23

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