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Term Two has Sports for You

22 November 2022
Nick C, Rogers ‘23; Photo by Kameel A
As the weather gets colder and the complaints of students having to do sports outside get louder, Brentwood introduces a fresh batch of sports for the winter months. As a key part of the tripartite system at Brentwood, the school places a strong emphasis on athletics and incorporates them within the campus days Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. From learning to climb up mountains to diving deep underwater, Brentwood is sure to have a sport that will be to everyone’s liking.

At Brentwood, we are encouraged to try many different sports in Grades 9 and 10, and then. perhaps, hone in on our favorite later in our high school experience. By allowing students to choose three different sports every year, students get the opportunity to choose for themselves which sport they enjoy the most. Lochlan K, Rogers ‘23 and “Lifer” at Brentwood explains: “From Grade 8 until now, I’ve tried tennis, basketball, rugby, flag football, and cross training, but the one that really stuck out to me was ice hockey, which I’ll be playing competitively this term. Without having access to all those sports over the years, I would have never found out which one I liked the most.”

Brentwood offers a variety of recreational sports for the colder months, including swimming, yoga, cross training, dance, jiu jitsu, outdoor pursuits, and climbing. For the competitive athletes, basketball, squash, and ice hockey teams compete in various leagues tournaments in and around the Island. Many of the sports that become competitive in term three are also offered during the winter months as training for the spring season. A full list of athletics is available under the “Athletics” tab on the Brentwood website.

A notable newer addition to the roster of sports offered this year is scuba diving. In this program, students of any level are invited to take a PADI certified course that will either introduce or improve their scuba diving skills. Mr Miller, the organizer of this opportunity, speaks on its benefit: “It will allow students to start a lifelong endeavor through the sport of scuba, whether it be in a job, to clean the ocean floor, or just for recreation.”

A huge thank you goes out to all the Brentwood staff who have dedicated their time to organize and coach the teams for the second term. Good luck to the squash, basketball, and ice hockey teams on their ‘22-’23 competitive season. Win that rally, hit that corner three, and score that slapshot!

Nick C, Rogers ‘23

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