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The Final Boss: AP Exams

12 May 2021
Will P, Whittall ‘22
This is it, folks. From Tuesday, May 4th, to Wednesday May 26th, Brentwood students, primarily in grades 11 and 12 (with the exception of some extra brainy juniors), will be furiously writing AP exams, which will test them on everything they have been learning over the year (and in some cases, two years) in their specific AP course. These exams, along with their courses, are notoriously difficult, but after eight months worth of preparation, the students are ready to knock them out of the park.

For much of the year, there was uncertainty about whether or not the exams would be held in person due to COVID concerns, but we have arrived at the date with all students prepared to take their exams at school.

Over the coming weeks, expect boarding houses to be a little extra quiet, and the students within them to be, possibly, a little more on edge. Most of the juniors in the school are still several weeks away from their final assessments and tasks in their respective courses, so it will take a unified effort from the houses to ensure that their AP writers are in the right environment to prepare for their exams.

Yang L, Privett ‘22, is one of the few students faced with the ultimate task: having two AP exams, each approximately 3 and a half hours long, on the same day. Being faced with this extreme test of mental and emotional stamina, Yang is staying calm and cool, saying “It’s going to be a big day and I’ll probably be pretty tired by the end of it, but my teachers have set me up for success so I feel pretty relaxed.”

Fabian H, Whittall ‘22 has been preparing for his AP Microeconomics 12 exam which he will write on the 12th, saying “We’ve been working so hard this year and I’m excited to finally get the opportunity to see that hard work pay off.”

Every student enrolled in an AP this year has been working so hard over the school year and all thoroughly deserve the relief they will feel when they walk out of their final AP exam.

Will P, Whittall ‘22

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