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The Future of Sustainability: Meta 9’s Design Fair

15 August 2022
Ella W, Mackenzie ‘25; Photo by Sarah Langer
On Saturday, June 5, Grade 9 students showcased their ideas about the future of sustainability. After three months of preparation, each student presented a prototype of their vision to staff members and peers. This project entailed a lot of responsibility as most students led themselves to their final result. Grade 10s from Ms Hampton’s Science class and Grade 11s from Ms Wolinsky’s Pre-Calc 12 class visited each student's booth and discussed questions about anything and everything. “The Grade 11s were kind, supportive and enthusiastic in learning about our projects” observed Amaia D, Hope ‘25.
This project was the ultimate push to round out the year and finish strong academically. Projects ranged from online 3D models to building a tangible artifact for visitors to grasp. Some chose to present verbally, while others enjoyed pressing the play button and watching their hard work play out in front of them. Slideshows and photos played in front of presenters trying to round out the different aspects of their goals. Some students were lucky enough to have access to the TV and sound system that came with it.  
This was the first design fair that was not impacted by major Covid-19 restrictions like mandatory masks and cohorts. “To have people visit throughout the day and be able to hold artifacts, give advice and ask questions was very helpful” commented Brynn W, Mack ‘25. Staff members like Mr Shadlock and Mr Murray showed real-life examples of sustainable building, providing inspiration and giving us local expertise.
Without the help of Meta 9 teachers like Mrs Langer, Mr Interlandi, Ms Van Vliet, Mr Wismer, Mr Griffiths and Mr Doehler, this event would not have been possible. Their guidance and encouragement have led us to a place where we are proud of the outstanding work we have accomplished.
Ella W, Mackenzie ‘25

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