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23 June 2022
Miranda NP, Co-Captain, Alex ‘23; Photo by Walt Morris
After two years of dedicated work, the Senior Girls’ reached their goal - a season for the history books! To prepare for a much-anticipated season, the team started practicing in September. Surprisingly, for more than half of the team, it was their first time suiting up in a Brentwood uniform, however, that did not stop us from making history!  
Our season was special. Provincial volleyball pushed back our first game as a team until mid-January, where we kicked-started the season with a nail-biter, ultimately losing by a basket to AAA Isfeld. We quickly learned from the loss and bounced back to beat AAAA powerhouse NDSS.
Each game the team kept growing, and suddenly our underrated bunch became one to beat at the Islands. Going into playoffs, we only had five games under our belt but played tirelessly for a spot in the final. We knew going up against SMUS, a provincially recognized team, wasn’t going to be easy. After a fantastic start - up by three - SMUS gained momentum in the 4th quarter and our girls brought home the Silver medal, qualifying for Provincials. “We were happy with our performance at Islands, we made a name for ourselves, and proved we deserve to be there this year and in the years to come” cheerfully admits Co-Captain Jensa NG, Mack ‘23.
As the first Senior Girls squad to go to Provincials, our team dynamic sparkled through. From our starters to the last bit of our bench, every girl on the team demonstrated tremendous support for one another. After a devastating loss to Southridge, the #7 seed, in our first game, we had a convincing win over St John Brebeuf. Like the rest of the season, we battled against adversity and after I suffered a season-ending knee injury, the team was even more determined to show up. Unfortunately, we fell short and ended the tournament 1-3, losing our last two games by very narrow scores. No team battled like us.
Thank our coaches, Ms Napier, Ms Anderson and Topper. If it weren't for them we wouldn't have had such a memorable season. And to #1, #3 and #15 (our Grade 12s Jocelyn Lenarcic, Sophie Bossi & Eric Erikson) - signing out.
Miranda NP, Co-Captain, Alex ‘23

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