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What I love most about Brentwood.....

7 November 2015
Marius Felix
Last Friday night, the very popular Interhouse Airband competition (it is really a combination of airband, line dancing, and music video interpretation) was held in the Killy  Theater. Boys and girls, without reservation or fear of ridicule, unabashedly got on stage in front of the peers and danced for the greater glory of their competitive houses. The groups spend hours rehearsing and the quality of their efforts was really impressive. What is even more impressive, is the number of students who, just six weeks ago, would have been HORRIFIED at the prospect of participating in such a public and passionate display in front of a packed theater full of their peers. But they did. And every group did their best. Each group was appreciated, regardless of who the eventual winners were - although a great deal of good natured debate continues on that topic.  What I love most about the school is the atmosphere that enables students to get out of their comfort zones, have fun, and feel completely supported, even if it is Grade 12 boys dancing to the Back Street Boys! That says something about our school!

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