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Where in the World?

29 September 2014
Mr. Clayton Johnston, Director of Admissions
Believe it or not, recruitment has begun in earnest for boarding school Admissions folks. It seems the dust has just settled on a new school year and we are off, scouring the globe for potential students for the 2015-16 year.   At Brentwood, I never actually think of these trips as ‘recruiting’ trips; I see them as information sharing adventures. As I see it, my job is to convince people to simply have a look at Brentwood, to learn a little about us. The school (more precisely, the student body) sells itself. Once prospective families are on the ground and see our facilities, our location, our students, our staff, and what is happening at this amazing place, they need very little convincing. We even encourage them to look at other schools because only then will they see how unique and special our boarding culture is.   At Brentwood we only accept students if it is their choice to be here. We ask that question. One of the results of this philosophy is that our attrition rate is less than half the national average. Our students are happy, engaged and keen to be here. The ‘vibe’ prospective families feel when they visit cannot be faked; the school they see when they visit is the same one the students arrive to in September. At Brentwood we keep it real – we under promise and over deliver. The current Brentwood family is from the six continents and 32 countries around the world.  They come to our school because they recognize the quality of the education, the modern West Coast facilities, and the uniqueness of our school culture. 190 new students arrived on our campus in early September and they are already thriving and feeling like they have been here for years.   So here we go again; we are about to head to the far reaches of our planet to let people know about this special school. Hopefully we will see you in our travels! Mr. Clayton Johnston, Director of Admissions

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