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The 2022/23 Student Executive Council

Student Leadership 2024/25

Be a Brentwood Leader…

  • Be Humble

  • Be Authentic

  • Be Balanced

  • Be Optimistic

  • Be a Team Player

  • Be a Servant Leader

  • Be Resilient

  • Be Engaged

Leadership Positions and Descriptions

School-wide leadership positions include the Student Executive Council (SEC) that is made up of:

Application Process

Descriptions for student leadership positions are available above. Applications for the above roles must be submitted via the Student Leadership Form by 5:00 pm on May 15, 2024.

Students may apply for more than one position. Applying for the Head Prefect or Assistant Head Prefect positions will not exclude you from the separate House Captain, B-Well, SAC, BEAT, OMNI, and Grad President selection process.

Head Prefect and Assistant Head Prefects

Grade 11s who are interested in the Head Prefect and/or Assistant Head Prefect – Academics, Arts, or Athletics roles must complete an application that will include:

  1. a cover letter to the Head of School indicating why you would be a suitable candidate for the position sought

  2. an updated resume of academic, artistic, athletic, service, and leadership accomplishments

  3. a 100-word summary of your accomplishments for publishing

  4. an email of support from your Houseparent to Ms. Keen (

On May 27, 2024, during Advisor Period, ALL students (grades 9-12) and Faculty will be polled. Note: Only Grade 11s will be polled for the Grad President role.

Apply Now For Head Prefect or Assistant Head Prefect

Selection and Announcement

The process for selecting House Captains, Captains of the SAC, B-Well, BEAT, OMNI, and Grad President will be administered by their respective faculty leaders—more information will be distributed by them. They, in turn, will make recommendations to the Senior Administration, with final appointments made by the Head of School. 

On Friday, June 14, 2024, the final results will be announced to the School at our annual Closing Ceremonies.


Should you have any questions, please contact your Houseparent, Mr. Sullivan, Mrs. Allen, Ms. Widenmaier, Mr. Gage, Ms. Ramsay, Ms. Murray, Mr. Ganley, Mr. Neufeld and/or Mr. Patel.