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Our Philosophy

Established in 1923, Brentwood College School’s consistent focus has been to create the best possible learning experience for our students. We build our success by learning from the past, embracing the present, and preparing for the future. We look to the following beacons of our culture to guide the decisions we make.

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The Brentwood crest in embroidery
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We expect and embrace hard work and perseverance. No matter how small or large the task, we show up. We fulfill our commitments. We prove our grittiness through our capacity to deal with adversity. This strong sense of accountability permeates our campus. 

Students with their hands in the air during the musical production of Chicago


We value our close-knit and inclusive Brentwood family. We embrace one another’s authentic selves within the framework of shared beliefs. Our kind, playful, and fun-loving mindset enables us to encourage one another to pursue excellence, to try new things, and to truly “go for it”. Optimism and hope are fundamental to our community.

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It is a unique experience and privilege to be part of the Brentwood Family—a community where everyone’s place, journey, and purpose is valued. None of us is above stacking chairs, picking up litter, or holding the door for others. We win and lose with dignity and grace. We endeavour to work as a team and to serve others with a humble heart.

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We encourage everyone to fully engage in all aspects of school life. Our face-to-face connections and “all-in” approach help us to develop deep and long-lasting relationships that become part of our lifelong support network. These relationships are the timeless glue that binds together the Brentwood Family.

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Our measured and balanced approach to leading and learning provides a stable platform for success. We recognize that making mistakes and offering forgiveness are essential parts of the learning journey and we want each person in our community to have the courage to fail. We work hard, play hard, and are mindful of the importance of rest and recuperation. This well-rounded and well-grounded attitude contributes to the development of timeless competencies that help Brentonians to thrive in an increasingly complex world.

The 2021 student executive counsel


Our diverse, inclusive, equitable culture prioritises authentic and lived experiences that are embedded in all aspects of school life. We recognize that we must cultivate our culture through continuous learning from and with each other. Brentwood embraces students and staff from all backgrounds.

Next Steps
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