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At Brentwood, the arts are an avenue for students to cultivate their creativity and self-expression—to deepen their awareness, empathy, and emotional intelligence.

Our program variety encourages students to explore the many different ways that the arts can enrich our lives. Whether a novice or well-established artist or performer, there is the opportunity for all students to be challenged and to enjoy everything the arts have to offer.

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Students singing in the musical Mama Mia

What makes the arts program really come alive at Brentwood is the dedicated space in our unique timetable for the whole school to engage in arts three afternoons per week. Students have the opportunity to choose from an incredible selection of over 30 arts, instructed by professionals actively working in their field. Complemented by modern and purpose-built facilities, there are no limits to the creative heights our students can achieve.

A teacher working with sculpture students
Two students backstage during a drama show
A student dancing in the theatre
A student holding up a sign at a debate conference
A teacher working with students in the studio
Students in the theatre booth work on computers
Students working on a laptop looking at the yearbook
A student playing the violin
The set of Les Miz with students signing on stage
A student photographer taking a picture
A pottery student throwing a pot on a wheel
Robotics students working on a robot
Two students back stage in the theatre
A woodworking students using the lathe

Arts Options

Brentwood has over 30 arts courses to choose from, all which run the full length of the school year. Students may select up to four arts courses thanks to the flexibility of our unique timetable.

A dancer crouched down on the floor

Arts Gallery

Words can only do so much to describe our students’ creations in the arts. Browse a sampling of their visual arts and performances—as the saying goes, seeing is believing.

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A gardens surrounding the T. Gil Bunch Centre

Arts Facilities

A dedication to the arts runs throughout our modern facilities. Every arts program has the space required to support the over 50 arts blocks available to our students. Our studios, stages, and workshops provide artists with spaces that allow them to discover a passion for the arts.

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My experience in the school musical, with its outstanding direction in our amazing theatre, really ignited my passion for performance and music. Brentwood opened my eyes to the real possibility of a career in the arts.

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Clifton Murray ’98
Member of The Tenors
Clifton Murray singing on stage in the theatre
Next Steps
Two students working together in class
Two kayakers paddling down the Cowichan River
A house parent speaking with boarders