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Paintings hanging on the wall in the arts gallery at Brentwood

Arts Gallery

At Brentwood we take great delight in the student artwork proudly displayed in our hallways and galleries.

When rugby games have ended and final exams are marked, our artistic creations remain—reminders of the inspiring moments found here on the shores of Mill Bay.

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Pottery >

Dance >

3D Art >

Photography >

A painting of a woman
A painting of grass and flowers
A Dali style painting with fish coming out of a head
A painting of two Koy fish
A line art colourful project on display
A painting of pink ocean waves

2D Art

A pottery pot with lyrics
A tall and narrow vase of pottery
A pot with an octopus on the front


A dancer at the oceanside
Students in a dance pose in the ocean
A dancer flicking water off their foot in the ocean
A dancer standing in the ocean pointing their toe


Three skateboards painted in black and grey
A sculpture mask in the shape of an octopus

3D Art

A photo of an egg siting in water
A photo of a student with blurry movement
A portrait photograph of a student
A photo of student's shoes in a circle
A black and white photo of a student holding their hands up in a frame
A photo of a student about to take a photo