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The Brentwood Musical is a spirited performance program for actors, singers, and dancers who want to challenge all their skills in a full-length “triple-threat” (singing, dancing, and acting) production. As a cornerstone of the arts program more broadly, Brentwood Musical brings together 70+ students to create a passionate ensemble and crew. The week-long run of performances each spring is supported by a full live orchestra, and this annual showcase of teamwork, dedication, and bravery takes place in Brentwood’s own 431-seat George Killy Theatre.

Since 1969, Brentwood has featured a wide range of musicals—including Phantom of the Opera, Les Misérables, Spamalot, Mary Poppins, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat, Oklahoma!, West Side Story, In the Heights, and Chicago: High School Edition—to name just a few.

Students participating in the musical are guided by our experienced team of instructors—the director/producer, musical director, choreographer, costume designer, set designer, and technical director. Students are not only performing on stage but also run all technical aspects of the show—backstage and in the sound and lighting booth.

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Playing the role of Emile de Decque in the Brentwood musical showcase of South Pacific gave me a safe place to explore, to make mistakes, and to overcome my fear. The level of excellence Mrs. Widenmaier and her team strove for was a reflection of the real-world demands musicals can put on young actors and singers. This experience allowed me to test my grit and mettle as a performing artist. It would become the foundation on which I have built my musical career.

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Clifton Murray
Rogers ‘98 Singer, The Tenors

Musical Facilities

The T. Gil Bunch Centre for Performing Arts is the home for our musical program. This 20,000 sq. ft. facility includes a 431-seat theatre, dance studio, green room, four dressing rooms, and a music suite. The George Killy Theatre has a sprung floor and orchestra pit, and is outfitted with leading-edge sound, communications, video, and stage lighting systems. The catwalk system over the audience chamber and stage allows access for stage lighting, stage draperies, and scenery.

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Gil understood that the sacredness of the written word, when performed, establishes basic human truths which can then serve as touchstones for our judgments in life.

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George Killy
Class of 1964
T. Gil Bunch riding a bicycle