Student Arrival Schedule

  • Sunday 5 September by 3 pm: Student Executive Council (SEC) students arrive

  • Monday 6 September by 5 pm: Orientation Assistants arrive

  • Tuesday 7 September by 1 pm: All New Students arrive - International, Canadian, BC Boarders, and Day Students (TIP: last year's Grade 8 class will be treated as new students).

  • Wednesday 8 September by 7 pm: Returning Grade 12 Boarders arrive

  • Thursday 9 September by 5 pm: Returning Grade 9-11 Boarders and Returning Day Students arrive

  • Friday, 10 September: First day of classes

Grade 8 families will have a dedicated website devoted to them, with detailed schedule and supplies information, which will be available soon.

Opening Day Campus Arrival

When you arrive on campus (anytime between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm—earlier the better!), look for a tent just inside the school gates. From here, Orientation Assistants will direct you to parking (if needed), where you can unload luggage/belongings, and you will start to meet the people who will live with you in your new house. Please check in with your Houseparents at this time.

Orientation Assistants will be available to assist with unloading and moving belongings into the boarding house.

Casual dress is acceptable when arriving on campus.

Wifi Network

Students can join the Brentwood wifi network using their Brentwood login.

COVID Quarantine Options

For students who are not yet vaccinated, we will continue to offer a quarantine hotel option that will begin on August 24.

Please fill out the Brentwood Quarantine Registration Form for August 2021 so we can plan accordingly for the arrival and participation of students in the Brentwood Quarantine Plan.

Additional information regarding COVID protocols can be found on our COVID Information page

Travel to Brentwood

If your child is travelling to Brentwood unaccompanied, please ensure you complete the necessary documentation to coordinate logistics and communicate with the school.

For information on getting to the campus and other travel information, visit our Travel page for more information.

Additional Information

Many of the questions new student and parents have regarding what to bring, how to dress, and what is required before you arrive can be answered by referring to the Student Handbook.