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Grade 10 Academics

Below you will find information about the Elective Courses offered at Brentwood at the Grade 10 level, along with details about some of the options about the courses in the Standard Grade 10 Program.

Required Courses

Every Grade 10 student will be enrolled in the following academic courses (unless they are deficient or advanced in any one particular subject area*):

  • English 10 or English First Peoples 10**

  • Mathematics 10

  • Social Studies 10

  • Science 10

  • A Language 10***

Elective Courses

Additionally, one elective must be selected:

  • AP Seminar 11

  • Beginner French

  • Beginner Mandarin

  • Beginner Spanish

  • Coding 11: Python

  • Design 11

  • Earth Science 11

  • Introduction to Business 11

  • Science & Ethics 11

  • Or another Grade 11 Elective that is deemed appropriate for the student

* If Brentwood students entering Grade 10 are advanced in subject, for example they completed Math 10 in Grade 9, then they would be free to select the next course in the sequence of that subject, as long as the timetable allowed the student to access the course as part of their academic schedule.

** In March 2022, the British Columbia Ministry of Education announced that all students in the province would need to fulfill an Indigenous-Focused Graduation Requirement (IFGR). For students graduating in 2025 and later, we are offering the option of fulfilling the requirement in Grade 10 through a distinctive English option; however, there will be limited enrolment in this course, so not all who select it will be able to take it. Students can choose instead to fulfill the requirement in Grades 11 or 12 with Contemporary Indigenous Studies 12 or in Grade 12 with English First Peoples 12.

*** If Brentwood students entering Grade 10 have no background in a second language, they will be required to select a second course from the electives list (or an appropriate elective from the Grade 11 elective list) to enrol in SIX courses in total. They would be encouraged to take a beginner level language elective, but not required.

Whether you are a Returning or New Grade 10 student, it might be useful to review the quick presentation that Mr. Rodrigues, Director of University Counselling, gave to Grade 9 students just prior to spring break when he covered the Course Selection process and the important considerations involved, including the new Indigenous-Focused Graduation Requirement and how to fulfill that. Here is the link to the Grade 10 Presentation Slides.

English Options

Students have the option of pursuing English First Peoples 10 instead of English 10, thereby fulfilling the Indigenous-Focused Graduation Requirement.

Science Options

There is one compelling alternative to regular Science 10 for interested students.

Math and Social Studies

There is not much to say about these foundational courses that are part of the Standard Grade 10 Program.

Language Options

Beyond the core language courses offered at the Grade 10, students can elect to take any language course that is suitable to their level. For example, students coming out of Immersion French in Grade 9 are most likely prepared for AP French Language 12. If a student believes they are advanced in a language, they should select the grade level that fits their language skills:

  • For Returning students, this means considering the course you are in presently and speaking with your teacher.

  • For New students, this will most likely mean completing an assessment after your Course Selections are made to confirm the right language level.

Please access information about more advanced language courses on the Grade 11 and Grade 12 Course Information pages (see the links below).

Elective Options

This is the list of the electives available in the Standard Grade 10 Program.

If students are interested in taking more advanced courses from the Grade 11 (or Grade 12) elective lists, they will have to make their case that those selections are appropriate. Please access information about more advanced electives on the Grade 11 and Grade 12 Course Information pages (see the links below).

Grade 11 or 12 Course Information

Interested in other Grade 11 Courses/Electives?

  • If you are advanced in a subject and are looking to take the Grade 11 level course in that subject, or

  • If you are simply curious about taking an elective course beyond the Standard Grade 10 Electives that is normally offered to Grade 11 students.

Have a look at the information on other Grade 11 or even Grade 12 courses because you are looking to take courses beyond the Standard Grade 10 Program?

Grade 11 Course Information >

Grade 12 Course Information >

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