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Oceanfront Campus

Brentwood's oceanfront campus has an international reputation that matches our educational profile as one of the world’s great boarding schools.

Sheltered on the pristine coastline of Vancouver Island, our 90-acre campus has over one kilometre of waterfront facing the Gulf Islands and stunning views of a snow-capped Mount Baker. This beautiful setting and our modern campus facilities open up a wide variety of opportunities for our students.

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Learning Opportunities

Experiential learning happens all around our campus. Academics classes regularly take advantage of our mild climate to bring students outdoors.

During the fall, students can observe the salmon running up the Mill Bay estuary and into Shawnigan Creek—right from the north end of campus. Our environmental club volunteers with local conservation groups, helping to capture and transfer salmon to these upstream waters.

Science classes venture out to the shores and waters of Mill Bay throughout the year as they examine marine biology specific to our geography and climate. These tactile moments foster a connection to our surroundings as we help students develop a stewardship attitude toward the natural environment.

Students looking out across the ocean in mill bay
Mount Baker across the waters of Mill Bay
A rower on the water
Crooks Hall patio with Saanich Inlet in the background
Kayaking students heading towards Mount Baker
Students enjoying a sunrise
The gardens outside the Bunch Theatre
The grounds surrounding on the boarding houses
A group of students gathered in front of the ocean
The gardens on the campus waterfront
The Campbell Commons in front of the ocean

Waterfront Activities

Our rowing program has an international reputation for success that has produced 24 Olympic Games rowers to date. Brentwood has also hosted university crews and clubs from around the world through over 50 years of regatta events.

Our outdoor pursuits students kayak and canoe in the protected waters of the Saanich Inlet, even travelling to the nearby Gulf Islands to camp overnight. As well, the oceanfront Brentwood docks provide a place where students can go for a swim when the weather is warm.

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Students kayaking by the docks of Brentwood
Two students smiling while swimming by the docks
An art class on the amphitheatre on campus

Arts Around Campus

During the year, our visual artists spread out all across the campus. Brentwood painters are inspired by views of the ocean and green hills of Vancouver Island. Photographers explore how the landscape changes throughout the seasons. 3D Art and Sculpture students combine the shapes and colours offered by the outdoors with their imaginations. Photojournalism students cover the happenings in every corner of the campus. Musicians take to the amphitheatre on sunny days to enjoy views of Mount Baker and beyond.

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The pathways along the oceanfront area of Brentwood

Compact Campus

Our campus design ensures that students living, studying, and playing in this environment experience an incredibly strong sense of community. Most of our buildings are within a few minutes walk of one another, which is advantageous if students need to quickly return to their dorms between classes or stop at Crooks Dining Hall for a healthy snack. The size of the campus provides safety and security, with staff close at hand when needed.

Brentwood In-depth
Boarding students smiling
A group of students taking a selfie
A staff member and student looking out the window