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Athletics at Brentwood creates a positive experience for every individual. This dedication to developing an enjoyment of sport, at any skill level, instills an appreciation for the benefits of a physically active lifestyle.

Over 20 distinct Brentwood athletics programs range from recreational to competitive sports, offering something for everyone. Our competitive programs provide a platform for Brentwood students to reach for excellence backed by our outstanding facilities and coaches. Our recreational sports encourage the joy of fitness for its own sake—while setting up a fantastic opportunity for students to make new friends and build personal confidence.

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A volleyball player spiking the ball
An 8+ boat of rowers on the water practicing

At Brentwood, we create an inclusive and fun environment for our athletes. We want each student to have a great experience. The joy of athletic accomplishment experienced in a safe and inclusive setting is a key foundation of our philosophy.

We strongly believe in the power of athletics to challenge our students and help them develop empathy, respect, and resilience.

In particular, our team sports create a lifelong commitment to giving your fullest effort, cultivating comradery, and deeply respecting and contributing actively to teamwork. Brentwood alumni often mention athletics among their fondest memories—often formed while travelling around the Island and the province as they participate in the high level of competition available to our programs.


Athletics Options

Students select a new sport for each of the three terms of the school year. Most sports are offered in more than one term, depending on the competitive season.

A basketball player shooting a free throw
A student climbing the rock wall
An athlete competing in a running race
Students working out in the gym
A dancer posing for a photo
A field hockey player hitting the ball
A student ready to toss the football to his friend
A golf player ready to hit a shot
An ice hockey player with the puck
Two students in jiu-jitsu robes
Two kayakers on the water
Girls' 8+ rowing in a race
A boy running with the rugby ball
A boat and SCUBA students
A soccer player kicking the ball
A squash player hitting the ball
A student swimming in the ocean
A tennis player ready to receive the serve
A volleyball player jump serving
A yoga class in the studio
Students lifting weights in the gym

Strength & Conditioning

Brentwood’s Strength & Conditioning Program provides world-class facilities and specialized coaches to further help our athletes reach for excellence.

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A rugby practice during the fall

Athletics Facilities

Brentwood’s athletics facilities are designed to support athletes at all levels. Athletes and coaches are able to elevate their programs and provide the setting and resources to inspire each Brentwood student to foster a life-long commitment to fitness, health, and wellness.

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A student talking to an athletic therapist during a treatment

Athletic Therapy

To provide the best possible experience for our athletes, Brentwood has full-time athletic therapists on campus—supporting over 20 sports programs. Our certified athletic therapists provide field coverage and medical support for Brentwood’s competitive athletic programs, support the recovery of students with concussions, and provide clinical treatments for those students with athletics-related injuries—to help return them to their sport in a safe and timely manner.


Sport Rehabilitation

At Brentwood, an injury does not put athletic activity out of reach for our students. Injured students work to resume their desired sport through our rehabilitation program. The goal of this program is to help you stay active and support healing at the same time—meaning that you may participate in Strength & Conditioning sessions while working around an injury. Unique equipment, like our anti-gravity treadmill, helps students to make a safer and faster return to sport—maintaining their cardio fitness and bringing them that much closer to resuming their normal schedule.

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