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The cross training gym with students working out

Cross Training

Brentwood Cross Training offers inclusivity, sportsmanship, and personal growth. Physical benefits include enhanced cardio, core strength, and flexibility and—while intentionally challenging—this program is open to students of all skill levels.

Cross Training workouts are designed specifically with the participants’ needs in mind—coaches encourage dialogue and goal-setting in order to create the best experience for all athletes. As the program is offered in all three terms, it can be used to complement team sport or other specific athletics by developing healthy fitness habits throughout the year.

A student hunched over after a workout

Activities range from running local mountains, kick-boxing, cardio and strength circuits, to swimming, cycling, hot yoga, and tabata training—a form of high-intensity interval training intended to deliver maximum physical benefits in the shortest amount of time.

Cross training takes place across campus with our athletes enjoying the outdoors in the sunshine of fall and spring. Indoors, the Strength & Conditioning Centre offers students a university-calibre facility with all the equipment and space required for such a diverse program.