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The winning group of student after an inter house competition

Student Activities

How do our students find balance between work and play? We host a wide variety of strategically planned events—some born of tradition and some innovated more recently by student-led groups—all socially driven and designed to strengthen our community.

Students at the start line of the 100-metre sprint race
A student being lifted in the air during an Airband performance
A group of students performing in the Musical Chicago
The volleyball team celebrating a point
Students posing for a photo in front of the Banff sign
Skiers and Snowboarders at Mount Washington
Two student with masks dressed up for an open house
Five Boys posing with a photo at the Snow Ball dinner and dance
A student putting food on their plate during brunch
A group of boarding students at Butchart Gardens in Victoria
The environmental action team
Two students working in their dorm room

Many of our alumni recount that their strongest memories of Brentwood stem from the social activities students jump into throughout the year, outside of their required courses. As a boarding school, rather than a school with boarding, we strive to provide something enriching for our students to enjoy during their free time. There is never a shortage of exciting experiences to enjoy—both on and off campus.

Students dancing on stage during the airbard competition
Students dressed in red for Fun and Games night
kayakers preparing for the inter house eco challenge

Interhouse Competition

Starting with the ‘Eco-Challenge’ and ‘Fun & Games Night’, during Orientation Week, students participate in several Interhouse Competition events throughout the year—where they have the opportunity to earn house points in friendly competition while experiencing and learning the importance of cooperation, collaboration, and true sportsmanship.

The cast of the musical Chicago
A singer performing on stage with a band

Arts Performances

Throughout the year, our artists showcase their talents to the School and community. The entire school attends the musical, dance showcase, winter and summer concerts, senior drama production, and art gallery shows. The support of their peers at these events raises the level of performance, excitement, and enjoyment for everyone involved.

Hockey players celebrating a goal
A basketball player preparing for a layup

Athletics Showcases

Each season, our competitive sports are punctuated with a showcase game where every student is invited to attend in a display of support and School pride. With hundreds of students in attendance, all dressed in red and black, the atmosphere is electric for these featured matches.

Students climbing on the Banff sign

Midterm and Major Trips & Tours

Each of the midterm breaks is an opportunity for our students to experience a unique destination vacation, and the School also offers a range of athletics, arts, and academics-based trips each year—including a service trip every two years.

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Boarding students dancing at an open house

Boarding Open Houses

Once a year, each of our eight boarding houses welcomes the entire school to a Saturday night open house. At these themed events, the hosts get to showcase their house and traditions as students enjoy games, dancing, snacks, photo booths, and more. These social occasions bring the School together for a truly memorable night—playful and joyful experiences curated by the students, themselves.

Students eating dinner in the dining hall
Two students smiling at dinner

Social Events

Throughout the year, our students get to enjoy several formal dinners, dances, and other social events to help them come together as a community around celebration milestones. During the fall term, Thanksgiving dinners and the formal Snowball Dance are highlights of the School calendar. In spring, the graduating class Spring Formal, as well as the Lifers’ Dinner, are wonderful celebrations of our graduates’ accomplishments while at Brentwood. As well, throughout the year, our Food Services Team works with students to create culturally themed dinners where students get to share knowledge and showcase cuisine from their home country.

A table filled with baked goods at the weekly Brunch


The legendary Brentwood Sunday Brunch regularly serves as a highlight of the week for our entire community. After a sleep-in on Sunday morning, Brunch is the perfect way to start a day of rest and relaxation on campus. The number of seasonal themes and menu choices is unparalleled as our Food Services Team displays their passion and creativity in this special meal, often going to extra lengths to celebrate special festivals or holidays in the calendar.

A group of students at Butchart Gardens
The China town gates in Victoria during New Year celebrations

Off-Campus Outings

Throughout the year, students will have several opportunities to go on house outings in the local area. These include exploring the capital city of Victoria, located just to the south, visits to shopping malls, the movies, outdoor activities, and skating rinks. Many houses will also visit a local restaurant as part of their end-of-term traditions, a great way to celebrate the accomplishments and successes of the year.

Students covered in paint at a social event

Student Activities Committee

At Brentwood, there is never a shortage of events throughout the year and at the heart of these events is the organisational powerhouse of the Student Activities Committee (SAC). The SAC organises a wide variety of activities including the End of Summer Bash, Fall Fun Fair, Fright Week, Staff Children's Christmas Party, Spirit Week, Kindness Week, Java Hut Talent Show, Staff Appreciation Week, and End of Year Fun in the Sun.

Students having breakfast in the house kitchen
Students in the common room playing video games

In-House Activities

When it’s simply time to hang out with friends in the house, there are plenty of activities to keep our students busy. House staff regularly organise in-house events such as pancake breakfasts and movie or game nights. The houses are also equipped with traditional table-top games such as pool/billiards and ping pong. Each house has a communal kitchen and barbecue, where students can often be found creating their favourite homemade meals and snacks to share with friends.

The view from the top of Mount Washington

Skiing & Snowboarding

Here on the west coast of British Columbia, winter is synonymous with sports such as skiing and snowboarding. Brentwood is able to provide students with many opportunities to take full advantage of our province’s world-renowned winter sport destinations. From weekly Sunday excursions up to Mt. Washington Alpine Resort, to our full-school ski day, and our winter midterm trip to a world-famous BC mountain, there are many chances for students to experience the joys of winter in BC.

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An outdoor house BBQ